Teresa Spinelli Public School

The Teresa Spinelli Public School at Pottakuzhi was started in 1994 to realize the dream of our Mother Foundress,i.e "The Christian,the intellectual formation and the integral growth of the young". She is always remembe....

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Rules and Regulations

•    Every student must be punctual and regular in attending the morning assemble. Attendance is compulsory on all days including Saturdays.
•    Students should maintain a healthy cordial relationship with their fellow students school mates, teaching and non teaching staff
•    Students are expected to speak in English and practice silence and decorum in the campus and their classes. They must come to school in proper school uniform.
•    Polite behavior, courtesy in speech and conduct, cleanliness and honesty must be the target of every student.
•    Students must not bring electronic gadgets like CD’s, Pen Drives, Mobile phones and iod’s to school.
•    If a student is absent from school for more than three days owing to illness he or she must produce a medical certificate/fitness certificate when he/she returns to school.
•    Every student must maintain a minimum score of 45% in all the exams conducted in the school during each year.
•    Fees must be paid on or before the dates prescribed in the student’s diary. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
•    Students must be responsible for the articles and appliances used in the lab, computer room and class room. In case of any damage due to carelessness, the actual cost for the article/appliance must be paid.
•    Every student must follow the rules and regulations of the school.
•    Parents are requested to attend the parents’ teachers meeting, open houses and get regular updates of the progress of their wards both academic and personal. They must also attend the workshops, seminars arranged by the school to help them manage the children in an effective manner.



Teresa Spinelli (1789-1850) was born in Rome on 1stOct 1789.. Her parents were Michael Angelo Spinelli and Katrina Moretti. The social system in Rome was affected by the revolution and the Napoleon....