Teresa Spinelli Public School

The Teresa Spinelli Public School at Pottakuzhi was started in 1994 to realize the dream of our Mother Foundress,i.e "The Christian,the intellectual formation and the integral growth of the young". She is always remembe....

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On this day, People from all over the world are expected to join the Montreal protocol to join the talks and seminars....

In TSPS, the management organized special events and activities to raise awareness among the students... The day is observed to spread awareness about ways that are effective in protecting the ozone layer... The theme this year is 'Ozone for Life' which reminds us that not only ozone is important for life on Earth, but also acts as a reminder that we need to protect the Ozone layer for our future generations as well..






September 16 was designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer and search for possible solutions to preserve it. .......



Yoga is not just for adults! In fact, it can give children very important life skills that can help them succeed in the world. Using yoga in the classroom can have a positive impact on children’s well-being: Yoga helps children manage their anxiety. ... Yoga improves children's emotional regulation. ... Yoga boosts children's self-esteem. ... Yoga increases children's body awareness and mindfulness. ... Yoga enhances children's concentration and memory. ... Yoga develops children's strength and fl....




Teresa Spinelli (1789-1850) was born in Rome on 1stOct 1789.. Her parents were Michael Angelo Spinelli and Katrina Moretti. The social system in Rome was affected by the revolution and the Napoleon....