Teresa Spinelli Public School

The Teresa Spinelli Public School at Pottakuzhi was started in 1994 to realize the dream of our Mother Foundress,i.e "The Christian,the intellectual formation and the integral growth of the young". She is always remembe....

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Information for the parents

•    Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline, helping their children to prepare their lesson and taking interest in the     various activities.
•    Parents must check the school diary every day for information conveyed by the school authorities and meet the concerned teacher/principal during the time and day give for such meetings.
•    Any change in address or contact number must be notified to the school authorities.
•    The students must be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and inter school competitions held during the academic year.
•    Parents must discourage their children from borrowing, lending or exchanging money and articles with other students.
•    No students is allowed to go home during school hours unless he/she is accompanied his/her Guardian/parent and with the permission of the principal.
•    Students suffering from infection and contagious diseases must be remain at home.
•    The school gate will close at 8.15am and open by 3pm.Parents can leave their children at the main gate and collect them from there. In case of emergency the parent must   inform the office and accompany the child.
•    Vehicles are not allowed in the school campus expect those of the guest and teachers.



Teresa Spinelli (1789-1850) was born in Rome on 1stOct 1789.. Her parents were Michael Angelo Spinelli and Katrina Moretti. The social system in Rome was affected by the revolution and the Napoleon....