Teresa Spinelli Public School

Teresa Spinelli Public School run by the Teresa Spinelli Public Charitable and Education Trust, Registration No: IV/306/2007 which comes under the catholic congregation of the Augustinian Sisters.. Teresa Spinelli Publ....

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Fit India Movement is a nation-wide movement in India to encourage people to remain healthy and fit by including physical activities and sports in their daily lives. It was launched by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi at Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi on 29 August 2019 (National Sports Day ). Fit India was founded by Shri. Suparno Satpathy in year 1993 and it was incorporated as a company in year 2000. The campaign has a "Fitness Pledge" that reads I promise to myself that I will devote time for physical activity and sports every day and I will encourage my family members and neighbours to be physically fit and make India a fit nation


1) Morning assembly: Yoga for all 2) House wise salad making competition for all students and teachers.....
Teacher Incharge: Ms.Daly Nelson, Ms.Geetha P.K, Ms.Latha, Ms.Mary Bindhu   Date:15-11-2019



Today we conducted a debate on the topic "IS JUNK FOOD IS SAFE FOR A HEALTHY LIFE?"....
Teacher Incharge: Ms.Reena, Ms.Neha, Ms.Jaisy   Date:18-11-19



Today we conducted Foot Ball match and poster making competition on the topic "FIT MIND BODY ENVIRONMENT" ....
Teacher Incharge: Ms.Mini Mohan   Date:19-11-19



Today we conducted a essay writing competition and physical activities for students like Yoga Taekwondo, skipping rope- skipping ....
Teacher Incharge: Ms.Deepa, Ms.Sheffi, Ms.Anijo, Ms.Mini, Ms.Sreevidhya,   Date:20-11-19



Today we conducted a fitness week quiz competition.....
Teacher Incharge: Ms.Sangeetha, Ms.Vima   Date:21-11-19



Today we conducted Indigenous games for students,teachers and parents based on the topic "Unity In Diversity"....
Teacher Incharge: Ms.sineena, Ms.Shiny, Ms.Vijayam   Date:22-11-19




Teresa Spinelli (1789-1850) was born in Rome on 1stOct 1789.. Her parents were Michael Angelo Spinelli and Katrina Moretti. The social system in Rome was affected by the revolution and the Napoleon....